How to Draw Electrical Symbols

Start by selecting a folder where the symbol should be stored. Create a new symbol by using menu command File - New Symbol.

The symbol editor looks identically as the schematics editor. The color of the ruler was changed to avoid confusion. The working area can be centered using the * key on the numerical keyboard.

A symbol is made up of graphical shapes. It is necessary to draw the symbol symmetrically.

If the symbol contains a text, you can specify whether the text should rotate when the symbol is being rotated.

Let us add outlets (connection points) to the symbol to facilitate attaching wires to it. Position of the outlets can be corrected in the Properties panel.

Use command View - Show Outlet Numbers to check number and positions of the outlets. Finally let us add properties of the symbol in File - Options - Document - Symbol.

If the symbol is in according with a norm, fill in its number. Enter initial type and value that will be used when the symbol gets inserted into a drawing.

Let us try to insert it into a drawing - right mouse click turning works, wire attaching works.
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