Types of Electrical Symbols

ProfiCAD works with four types of electrical symbols.

Built-in symbols are transformers and gates. Properties of these symbols can be adjusted in dialog windows which appear on a right mouse click.

Symbols from the library are displayed in the Symbols panel. Folder where the symbols library is located is set in File - Options - Paths. Let us have a look at this folder. Each symbol is stored in a separate file. That makes it easy to rearrange them in the library or to move them to another computer.

Integrated circuits are stored in files with extension PICD. Other symbols are stored in files with extension PPD.

A new integrated circuit can be created using menu command File - New Iintegrated Circuit. Properties of an integrated circuit are adjusted in the IC panel. You can change number of outlets horizontally and vertically. Labels of individual outlets have to be entered as a comma separated list. If you just want to number them, use this button.

Furthermore you can add numbers of inverted outlets and a description of the integrated circuit.
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